Safety of girl child

This is a very shameful thing that on one hand we worship girls on Navratri and on the other hand they are assaulted rest of the days. Often the perpetrator is a family member or known one so it is difficult for a girl to trust anyone. They have no respect for girl child and take advantage of their innocence. The perpetrators must remember that physical scars remain for few days but emotional scars remain forever and girls aren’t able to forget them. The main reasons why such crimes are committed are because they think that girls are easy targets.They attract girls by offering toffees. Moreover criminals are not aware of gender sensitization and do not have self control.

This is a grim issue and shouldn’t be brushed under the carpet. Strict actions should be taken against the culprit. People should be sensitized about “good touch and bad touch”. Counselling of parents should be done. Influential people should speak up for this issue. Schools should teach students and make them aware about strangers. Self defense techniques ought to be made compulsory. All over security must be robust. Parents should make their children aware of helpline numbers. Lastly there should be quick and strict actions by police and courts in these cases so that a person thinks twice before committing such disgusting crime.

I hope that we do not lose out any other girl to crime.

Harmful effects of watching TV all time…

Television plays a major role and influence in children’s lives. While television can entertain, inform, keep children company, it may influence them in undesirable ways.

Time spent watching television takes away time from important activities such as reading, school life, family interaction. Children also imbibe information that may be incorrect or inappropriate. They often consider the fantasy on TV as reality. They are influenced by certain commercial ads and then force their parents to buy them these things. At times violent shows can also prove that fighting is right. Children learn this and then start fighting over petty issues. At times they become aggressive than usual. They get addicted to television which makes them unhealthy.

Parents should take strict and big steps towards this huge issue. Violent shows should be restricted. Hours of watching TV ought to be limited. Parents should interact with them so that they don’t start watching television to cure their boredom. They must explain them about advertisements and shouldn’t fulfill their wrong demands. They should be encouraged to watch discovery channels, educational channels by teachers as well as parents. If parents and teachers will take adequate steps side by side, we can save the future of our society from going in wrong direction.

The storm….

It was five in the evening, when the storm broke over the city and immediately we were left with no power and television blanked out. I would miss the crucial match telecast live from stadium. I rang up the complaints apartment but telephone lines were jam.

I heard voice in dark, it was our neighbour who had come out and was chatting with others. Before long there were people from every house gathered in the open space. We also went out. There were groups formed, some were playing board games, some were chatting, small children were runniong here from there. My friends were also there watching the match on laptop. They called me and I joined them excitedly. Soon the match was over and then we began talking and playing small games like dumb-charades, atlas etc. Then one of the neighbours began to narrate stories about how they used to study under lantern and instead of electric bulbs they used gas lights. Soon other stories were being narrated when my grandmother spoke about how they used to learn cooking in those days.

It reminded us about dinner, but every house reported a partially cooked food. Then we pool all the food and held a party. There were a variety of dishes like pasta, dal and rice, cottage cheese with chapati, fries and many more. Everyone enjoyed this special treat, finally we all snored under a cook lit sky all night. That was a night to cherish.

To encourage girls to take up sports..

I would like to draw the attention of readers towards the need of parents and society to encourage their girls to take up sports in their daily life.

Some Indian female sports persons like P.V. sindhu,Saina nehwal,Manika batra delivered stellar performances in commonwealth games 2018 in Gold coast,Australia. They were hailed by everyone for putting Indian sports on world map. In 2017, women cricket team emerged as the first runner up after proving their mettle at games. Some women gymnasts like Dipa karmakar also excelled in their game. Mary kom,Sakshi malik and some more women are becoming inspiration for girls.

The main problem that most girls face during taking up sports is the mind set of the people. Most of the people have archaic mind set. People think that sports are made for boys while girls can only do best in academics. They also think that girls are physically weaker than boys. Parents don’t find sports as lucrative career for girls.

Sports has many advantages. If girls are not taking it as a career, they can pursue it for health fitness. We should improve infrastructure and promote female trainers. Girls should be sent for tournaments. Parents should be sensitized. Sports promote many significant qualities to imbibe in like confidence,cooperation,leadership,teamwork and many more. It is also helpful to girls as it keeps lethargy at bay.

So girls should definitely take up sports and prove that they are capable of doing anything.

How she protected herself…

Five year old Gita was playing outside her house with her friend. Her parents were not at home. A stranger posing as one of her uncles came to her and offered her a chocolate. Gita was told to be wary of strangers and then she smiled and asked a simple question to the stranger that where her parents were? Stranger was clueless and Gita knew that something was fishy. She asked him another question,”what is my father’s name?” but the stranger couldn’t answer it either. Gita was sure that he wasn’t any of her uncles. She wanted to teach him a lesson. She took the chocolate and went to her friend. Her friend was also very smart and they both made a plan to teach stranger a lesson. They both ate the chocolate and asked him to play with them. Together they pushed him in mud, spoiled his clothes and hands. The stranger once again tried to take Gita to an isolated place but her friend pushed the stranger in the muddy water. After an hour or so, the stranger was fed up with them and tried to leave but Gita noticed him and stopped playing. She signaled her friend to play along with her and told the stranger to follow her to her neighbor’s house to clean themselves up. Stranger followed both of them. Her neighbor’s name was Charvi. Gita told her friend to come inside while stranger waited in the living room. Both of the friends told Charvi everything and she called the police. The police arrested the stranger and after sometime when Gita’s parents returned and acknowledged everything they praised her and told everyone that if they wanted their child’s safety, they must teach them “Good Touch and Bad Touch”. Gita also got bravery award for her quick action.

Students using internet

Nowadays life without internet cannot be imagined. Students also use internet for playing games, chatting, video calling and for many more things. But these things are having negative effect on them. Their marks are deteriorating and they are drifting away from family and friends.

Students should use internet for gaining knowledge, reading about something, knowing about what is going around them rather than whiling away their time on it. Schools can play a monumental role in this issue. They should encourage students to study at home, tell them about games which can teach them while playing. They should organize knowledge quiz and competition relating to general knowledge questions, this will encourage students to surf for news. Vocabulary can be also taught by surfing.

If teachers and students will work together we can make India more literate.

Importance of elderly people

Elderly people play a monumental role in our lives. They make us feel safe and special. They are the backbone of our family. They share wisdom and different aspects of life with us. It is very intriguing to see them work as a problem solver. They also spend their valuable time with us and play with us.

Despite doing all these things for us they never ask something in return. On the other hand some people send them to old age homes. They ill treat them like servants and do not give them money. They are given old and discarded clothes. Often their grand children do not spend time with them and other people mock at them. Sometimes, elderly people are locked in one room and they cannot ask for anything. They have no financial support and despite being the experienced one they are not involved in decision making. Often in solitude they become ill.

This is a grave issue should not be brushed under the carpet. People should be sensitized. Counselling of children is also solution. Their financial security should be done and they must not be ill treated by the family. In fact the family should spend quality time with them, know about their past, take them to parks and restaurants, buy them new clothes and give them money and many more. they should ensure that no one mocks at them and must involve them in decision making.

As they are the ones who took care of us, our parents, thought best about us, helped us in our ups and downs, loved and cared for us and still do, share our experiences, we have no right to stop them from living their twilight years in hilt.

Salute to all the martyrs

On 15 June 2020, India lost its 20 brave hearts who were back stabbed by the Chinese army. Indian army went to talk about something and while they were returning they were attacked by the Chinese army with rods and stones from behind. Some of our men sacrificed their lives while fighting. China is also trying to capture some of the India’s part and is slowly increasing its boundary.

This is a very shameful act. We need to tell China that India is no lees than it. Our ministers are working on the issue but are only army and ministers responsible for the response? Isn’t it the moral duty of a common man too to support them?

Common people have the whole power in their hands about which they are not aware of. For example, we the common people buy Chinese goods, our money is transported to china and from that money china progresses, increases its military power and attacks our soldiers. Many people are expressing their rage on this cowardly act by burning Chinese products. But in reality this will go on for one or two weeks then we all will forget about this and will again start using the same products which we are burning now. But will the 20 families forget about the loss of their precious gems? They will always feel as if something is missing.

We should feel the situation of these families and take steps which we are taking now in the future also. If we will stop using Chinese products and instead promote Indian goods, there will be a drastic change in our as well as in China’s economy. We should let China experience how much power India has.

I hope that people will stop using Chinese products and brands like Tik-Tok etc. May god Give peace to the soldiers’ soul.


Gone are the days when children used to play together outside. Nowadays, they are whiling away their time on mobile phones and other gadgets.Playing time has been replaced by mobile time. Long hours on mobile phones and email are ubiquitous globally.

Digital technology has transformed how children spend their free time chatting online, watching films, playing simulation games etc. and not playing outdoors which affect their health negatively.Lack of body stretching results in stunned growth. Also spending continuous hours on gadgets deteriorates the vision. Dearth of physical activities leads to lethargy and obesity. Many games cause addiction to mobile phones. Children are not able to learn social skills. Their real friends are replaced by online friends.

This is a grim issue and shouldn’t be brushed under the carpet. Parents should encourage their children to play outside and do activities like reading, writing, painting etc. They should limit the number of hours their children spend on technology. They should also put a child lock on these gadgets. Children are the pillars of our society and therefore should be lead in right direction.

Staying fit and healthy

Gone are the days when children used to stay fit. They used to take care of their health. Nowadays, children are more engaged in mobiles that they do not even realize that it is affecting their health.

Most children are fond of junk food which they enjoy to eat despite knowing its harmful effects. Exercising has vanished from their daily routine. They spend most of their time on gadgets. They do not play with their friends outside. Walking or cycling to school is over as every child goes through bus or car. This will result in many health problems such as obesity, lethargy and many more. It will also affect their growth and eye-sight in a negative way. They will remain disconnected with outside world and not be able to develop social skills.

This is a grim issue and should not be brushed under the carpet. Children are the future pillars of our society and must be led in the right direction. It is the right time to reduce junk food and promote exercise. Time spend on gadgets by children should be limited. They should play for at least two hours daily and should walk or cycle to school. People should concentrate on their health and try to stay fit. Because only the nation which has fit people can prosper. The saying is true that health is wealth.