Saving our rivers

India is full of customs and beliefs. We relate everything to our emotions. Likewise we say that rivers are our goddess and give them the title of our mother. But are they really in acceptable condition?

Rivers play a monumental in our lives. They give us fresh water which we drink to live. Its water is also used in agriculture, power generation and many other sectors. But in today’s day to day life we are polluting rivers so much that their water can no longer be called pure and can’t be used without filtering. We humans are throwing garbage in them. Activities like animal bathing, human bathing, washing clothes and utensils leaves a great impact on the purity of rivers.

You know everything has a consequence whether good or bad. Our habit of polluting rivers has a massive devastating impact on us. If we will not save our rivers then we will not get fresh water for drinking, agriculture, bathing and other activities. It will also affect our Eco system as aquatic life will be dead. We should take measures like no one should do household work in rivers, throw garbage in it, industries settled at river side should be banned and they must not be allowed to throw poisonous liquid in it. Anyone flaunting the ban should be put behind the bars.

As rivers are national heritage and tourism spot also we should realize their importance.

Staying fit and healthy

Gone are the days when children used to stay fit. They used to take care of their health. Nowadays, children are more engaged in mobiles that they do not even realize that it is affecting their health.

Most children are fond of junk food which they enjoy to eat despite knowing its harmful effects. Exercising has vanished from their daily routine. They spend most of their time on gadgets. They do not play with their friends outside. Walking or cycling to school is over as every child goes through bus or car. This will result in many health problems such as obesity, lethargy and many more. It will also affect their growth and eye-sight in a negative way. They will remain disconnected with outside world and not be able to develop social skills.

This is a grim issue and should not be brushed under the carpet. Children are the future pillars of our society and must be led in the right direction. It is the right time to reduce junk food and promote exercise. Time spend on gadgets by children should be limited. They should play for at least two hours daily and should walk or cycle to school. People should concentrate on their health and try to stay fit. Because only the nation which has fit people can prosper. The saying is true that health is wealth.