To study or to work…..

Our maid Seema, was a very hardworking person. She never gave anyone a reason to complain. She didn’t have much but was satisfied with her life and never demanded anything. One day after doing her chores, she was helping my brother in picking up his books, that’s when I noticed that she was reading the title of each book. Then I wondered whether she had studied or not. One day I asked her about her education. That time she told me that she is educated till primary level. Unfortunately at that time her father wasn’t able to continue work due to some reasons. Being eldest in the family, all responsibilities were on her shoulders.

Therefore she had to work instead of study, unwillingly. I saw the eagerness in her to learn be capable of something. I lent a hand to support her and taught her at home. I made her give exams and she passed with flying colours. Now, she is personal assistant of a businesswoman and handles her office. She is proud of herself and me. She also credits me for her success but it was her talent that let me help her reach to the top.

Safety of girl child

This is a very shameful thing that on one hand we worship girls on Navratri and on the other hand they are assaulted rest of the days. Often the perpetrator is a family member or known one so it is difficult for a girl to trust anyone. They have no respect for girl child and take advantage of their innocence. The perpetrators must remember that physical scars remain for few days but emotional scars remain forever and girls aren’t able to forget them. The main reasons why such crimes are committed are because they think that girls are easy targets.They attract girls by offering toffees. Moreover criminals are not aware of gender sensitization and do not have self control.

This is a grim issue and shouldn’t be brushed under the carpet. Strict actions should be taken against the culprit. People should be sensitized about “good touch and bad touch”. Counselling of parents should be done. Influential people should speak up for this issue. Schools should teach students and make them aware about strangers. Self defense techniques ought to be made compulsory. All over security must be robust. Parents should make their children aware of helpline numbers. Lastly there should be quick and strict actions by police and courts in these cases so that a person thinks twice before committing such disgusting crime.

I hope that we do not lose out any other girl to crime.

To encourage girls to take up sports..

I would like to draw the attention of readers towards the need of parents and society to encourage their girls to take up sports in their daily life.

Some Indian female sports persons like P.V. sindhu,Saina nehwal,Manika batra delivered stellar performances in commonwealth games 2018 in Gold coast,Australia. They were hailed by everyone for putting Indian sports on world map. In 2017, women cricket team emerged as the first runner up after proving their mettle at games. Some women gymnasts like Dipa karmakar also excelled in their game. Mary kom,Sakshi malik and some more women are becoming inspiration for girls.

The main problem that most girls face during taking up sports is the mind set of the people. Most of the people have archaic mind set. People think that sports are made for boys while girls can only do best in academics. They also think that girls are physically weaker than boys. Parents don’t find sports as lucrative career for girls.

Sports has many advantages. If girls are not taking it as a career, they can pursue it for health fitness. We should improve infrastructure and promote female trainers. Girls should be sent for tournaments. Parents should be sensitized. Sports promote many significant qualities to imbibe in like confidence,cooperation,leadership,teamwork and many more. It is also helpful to girls as it keeps lethargy at bay.

So girls should definitely take up sports and prove that they are capable of doing anything.