Waking up early

I am very glum today. My school organised a trip to Manali and I was very excited to go with my friends. But today because of my habit of waking up late I missed the train. I lost a golden chance today. I had been waiting for this day for a long time but because of my stupidity I couldn’t go with my friends. They would be enjoying, doing river rafting, playing with snow at Rotang pass, making snow man, doing adventurous activities, clicking pictures, cracking jokes, camping and much more. When they will come back and will tell me what all they did and show me the pictures I will be heartbroken. Everyone is upset with me because of my carelessness. My parents aren’t talking to me as I wasted their money. My brother is laughing at me because of my weakness of not waking up early. I will feel humiliated when I’ll ask my friends what they did on trip. From this experience I have realised the importance of waking up early. I also know that waking late can make you lose your chances and opportunities. From now onward I will always wake up early.

To study or to work…..

Our maid Seema, was a very hardworking person. She never gave anyone a reason to complain. She didn’t have much but was satisfied with her life and never demanded anything. One day after doing her chores, she was helping my brother in picking up his books, that’s when I noticed that she was reading the title of each book. Then I wondered whether she had studied or not. One day I asked her about her education. That time she told me that she is educated till primary level. Unfortunately at that time her father wasn’t able to continue work due to some reasons. Being eldest in the family, all responsibilities were on her shoulders.

Therefore she had to work instead of study, unwillingly. I saw the eagerness in her to learn be capable of something. I lent a hand to support her and taught her at home. I made her give exams and she passed with flying colours. Now, she is personal assistant of a businesswoman and handles her office. She is proud of herself and me. She also credits me for her success but it was her talent that let me help her reach to the top.

Importance of parents…

It was a dark and lonely night. I was returning from my friend’s house. The sky was filled with stormy clouds. Breeze was blowing along the trees. I was walking and was not too far from home when suddenly a strong wind blew and lightning struck along with it. The clouds were gathering and making noises. I started walking faster towards my home. As I was approaching I saw an ambulance near the corner. I went there and saw two little girls aged around three to four. I asked them what happened when they pointed towards the van. I asked a nurse the same question then she told me that there was an accident, a few hours ago. A drunk truck driver hit their car and because of lack of medical redressal two people died. An unknown phone call came to them telling them about this accident and when they reached they were no more. The kids were safe as they were sitting at the back. I asked them what they are going to do now. They said that they will bury the bodies and send the kids to orphanage as they didn’t know any relative or person who can give them shelter and take care of them.

I didn’t like the idea of such small kids going to the orphanage. They also deserve a home and loving people, and I thought of letting them stay with me. I asked the nurse if I could pursue my idea to which she replied that I have to become their legal guardian and adopt them for my wish to fulfill. I realized that it was a drastic step but when I looked at those two innocent faces, my heart melted. That night they stayed with me and I adopted them with all legal processes the next morning.

When I got to know about them, that horrible night, I thought that how lucky I am. I have my parents who loved me, cared for me, fulfilled my every wish, provided me a life and helped me in every step of that life…..

A tale of true friendship….

It was summer season. One day there happened an accident which led to an unbreakable friendship. One fine morning the sun shone brightly, a light breeze was blowing, atmosphere was calm and cool with flowers all around. One small bee was doing its work that day. While it was sucking nectar from a petal he didn’t notice that the petal was about to fall but a dove flying by noticed. Suddenly the petal broke and the bee fell into a water tank due to the breeze. The dove witnessed this and thought of helping the bee. It plucked a leaf and dropped it into the water tank. The bee climbed onto the leaf and flew away. That evening a hunter was looking for its prey in the jungle. Suddenly, he noticed the dove flying by. He aimed at her but the dove, being oblivious to this was soaring high and enjoying the pleasant atmosphere. Before the hunter could shoot, the bee stinged him and he cried due to pain, catching the dove’s attention. The dove flew away with the bee leaving the hunter in pain. After they stopped the dove thanked the bee but she kindly refused it saying that they were friends from the moment the dove saved her, and she was just doing the right thing.

This gives us a moral that if animals can help each other despite being of different species, humans should also help each other in times of need without any selfish desire.

The night before the competition

I got up in the middle of the night. I was sweating profusely because I had a bad dream. The next day I was having a debate competition and I was very nervous. The dream was enough to make my sleep vanish. I saw that my rival team cheated my script and as I was waiting for my results I got disqualified. I wasn’t able to sleep so I decided to revise and practice my debate. As I was doing so, I sensed some movements in my backyard. I quietly tip-toed and was ready to kick the person when I saw that it was my friend, Sakshi. She had a small, cute puppy in her arms. I was surprised as well as shocked. After asking she told me that she heard a boy Mitesh talking about the next day’s debate. On hearing she got to know that actually one team has copied my script. When she was coming to tell me this, she saw the puppy lying on the footpath lifelessly. She thought that may be she could give it to me as I always wanted to adopt a stray dog. I told her about my dream and gladly accepted the puppy. That night she helped me prepare my new script and learn it. On the day of debate I was anxious but felt elated after hearing the results. I bagged the first position and all the other teams saw me with their jaw touching the ground.

The whole credit actually goes to my friend. If she hadn’t informed me at the right time and helped me at night preparing, I wouldn’t be here standing on the first position……

The storm….

It was five in the evening, when the storm broke over the city and immediately we were left with no power and television blanked out. I would miss the crucial match telecast live from stadium. I rang up the complaints apartment but telephone lines were jam.

I heard voice in dark, it was our neighbour who had come out and was chatting with others. Before long there were people from every house gathered in the open space. We also went out. There were groups formed, some were playing board games, some were chatting, small children were runniong here from there. My friends were also there watching the match on laptop. They called me and I joined them excitedly. Soon the match was over and then we began talking and playing small games like dumb-charades, atlas etc. Then one of the neighbours began to narrate stories about how they used to study under lantern and instead of electric bulbs they used gas lights. Soon other stories were being narrated when my grandmother spoke about how they used to learn cooking in those days.

It reminded us about dinner, but every house reported a partially cooked food. Then we pool all the food and held a party. There were a variety of dishes like pasta, dal and rice, cottage cheese with chapati, fries and many more. Everyone enjoyed this special treat, finally we all snored under a cook lit sky all night. That was a night to cherish.

How she protected herself…

Five year old Gita was playing outside her house with her friend. Her parents were not at home. A stranger posing as one of her uncles came to her and offered her a chocolate. Gita was told to be wary of strangers and then she smiled and asked a simple question to the stranger that where her parents were? Stranger was clueless and Gita knew that something was fishy. She asked him another question,”what is my father’s name?” but the stranger couldn’t answer it either. Gita was sure that he wasn’t any of her uncles. She wanted to teach him a lesson. She took the chocolate and went to her friend. Her friend was also very smart and they both made a plan to teach stranger a lesson. They both ate the chocolate and asked him to play with them. Together they pushed him in mud, spoiled his clothes and hands. The stranger once again tried to take Gita to an isolated place but her friend pushed the stranger in the muddy water. After an hour or so, the stranger was fed up with them and tried to leave but Gita noticed him and stopped playing. She signaled her friend to play along with her and told the stranger to follow her to her neighbor’s house to clean themselves up. Stranger followed both of them. Her neighbor’s name was Charvi. Gita told her friend to come inside while stranger waited in the living room. Both of the friends told Charvi everything and she called the police. The police arrested the stranger and after sometime when Gita’s parents returned and acknowledged everything they praised her and told everyone that if they wanted their child’s safety, they must teach them “Good Touch and Bad Touch”. Gita also got bravery award for her quick action.

The phone….

I was getting late for school. I had an important exam today. I was about to step out from my house when the phone rang. As no one was in the house I picked up the call and heard the voice of my terrified friend. She told me that her brother has met with a fatal accident and no one is in the hospital except for her as her parents were out of station. As soon as I listened to her voice I was dumbstruck. She asked me if I could come over and I agreed. As soon as I reached there she came over to me and started crying. I tried to pacify her but it was of no use. Simultaneously the doctors came and told her that he was in a major blood loss and required blood donation immediately. My blood group was same as his so I donated my blood and waited for the doctors. After sometime they came and told us that he was fully out of danger and could go back home if he wants to. Suddenly I remembered about my exam and was shaken. At that moment my phone rang and the number was unknown. I picked up the call and my friend was laughing. I asked her the reason and she told me that the exam was postponed. I was jumping with joy. After that we went home and told my friend’s parents the whole story and took care of her brother.