Importance of parents…

It was a dark and lonely night. I was returning from my friend’s house. The sky was filled with stormy clouds. Breeze was blowing along the trees. I was walking and was not too far from home when suddenly a strong wind blew and lightning struck along with it. The clouds were gathering and making noises. I started walking faster towards my home. As I was approaching I saw an ambulance near the corner. I went there and saw two little girls aged around three to four. I asked them what happened when they pointed towards the van. I asked a nurse the same question then she told me that there was an accident, a few hours ago. A drunk truck driver hit their car and because of lack of medical redressal two people died. An unknown phone call came to them telling them about this accident and when they reached they were no more. The kids were safe as they were sitting at the back. I asked them what they are going to do now. They said that they will bury the bodies and send the kids to orphanage as they didn’t know any relative or person who can give them shelter and take care of them.

I didn’t like the idea of such small kids going to the orphanage. They also deserve a home and loving people, and I thought of letting them stay with me. I asked the nurse if I could pursue my idea to which she replied that I have to become their legal guardian and adopt them for my wish to fulfill. I realized that it was a drastic step but when I looked at those two innocent faces, my heart melted. That night they stayed with me and I adopted them with all legal processes the next morning.

When I got to know about them, that horrible night, I thought that how lucky I am. I have my parents who loved me, cared for me, fulfilled my every wish, provided me a life and helped me in every step of that life…..