How to de-stress yourselves during exams….

Nowadays, there is much more competition for marks than the earlier times. Stress is taking over the mind of the youngsters. They are not able to do anything than taking stress.

Stress is the worst enemy of a student. It affects your productivity and only gives you tension. It can also give you headaches and higher rates of depression and anxiety. Sometimes you are so stressed that you take out your anger on others. This can ruin your relationship with them. You also sometimes get sleepless nights which results in bad health and foul mood.

Like every problem has a solution, there are also some tips that you must follow to de-stress yourself. You should revise everything at home that is taught to you on daily basis. You must maintain a timetable and start to prepare yourself a month before exam. Exercising and playing with your friends can help you to stay energetic and stress free during exams. Yoga is one of the best options. Set a time limit for a given task. Take short breaks after performing the tasks as they rejuvenate your energy. Always remind yourself that you are giving exams so that you can test yourself and learn rather than just to score marks. Self motivation is one of the best ideas one can use.

Apart from all these you should eat healthy, get more sleep and be away from distractions like mobile phones and televisions. Everyone should follow these golden rules to de-stress ourselves from exams and stay away from fear.

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