The old age home…

Today’s experience was an eye opening one. I visited an old age home where old people where living in miserable conditions. They were sitting together and were singing religious songs. Only a few rooms were there so everyone had to compromise. When I visited them I realized that they were very depressed. They appeared to be optimistic and happy about life but their circumstances revealed their reality. They all narrated me their stories and I realised that one thing was common in them that they weren’t elated to be there. They unwillingly came to this home because they could no longer bear the torture. I felt a volcano of emotions erupting inside me. I was glum and felt sympathy towards them. I was red with rage because of their families, that forced them to leave their house. But I tried to convince myself by thinking that they were living in a better place. I wonder how can people ill treat these oldies. They play a monumental role in our lives. They share the experiences of life with us, tell us the difference between right and wrong, play with us and show us the right path. They are the ones who care for us. They have years of wisdom. They sacrifice their dreams for our well being. After this experience I have started respecting my grandparents more. I spend quality time with them and ensure that they are happy all time. I will also sensitize my friends who live with their grandparents. They have served us for so many years now it is our turn to serve them.

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