A tale of true friendship….

It was summer season. One day there happened an accident which led to an unbreakable friendship. One fine morning the sun shone brightly, a light breeze was blowing, atmosphere was calm and cool with flowers all around. One small bee was doing its work that day. While it was sucking nectar from a petal he didn’t notice that the petal was about to fall but a dove flying by noticed. Suddenly the petal broke and the bee fell into a water tank due to the breeze. The dove witnessed this and thought of helping the bee. It plucked a leaf and dropped it into the water tank. The bee climbed onto the leaf and flew away. That evening a hunter was looking for its prey in the jungle. Suddenly, he noticed the dove flying by. He aimed at her but the dove, being oblivious to this was soaring high and enjoying the pleasant atmosphere. Before the hunter could shoot, the bee stinged him and he cried due to pain, catching the dove’s attention. The dove flew away with the bee leaving the hunter in pain. After they stopped the dove thanked the bee but she kindly refused it saying that they were friends from the moment the dove saved her, and she was just doing the right thing.

This gives us a moral that if animals can help each other despite being of different species, humans should also help each other in times of need without any selfish desire.

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