The night before the competition

I got up in the middle of the night. I was sweating profusely because I had a bad dream. The next day I was having a debate competition and I was very nervous. The dream was enough to make my sleep vanish. I saw that my rival team cheated my script and as I was waiting for my results I got disqualified. I wasn’t able to sleep so I decided to revise and practice my debate. As I was doing so, I sensed some movements in my backyard. I quietly tip-toed and was ready to kick the person when I saw that it was my friend, Sakshi. She had a small, cute puppy in her arms. I was surprised as well as shocked. After asking she told me that she heard a boy Mitesh talking about the next day’s debate. On hearing she got to know that actually one team has copied my script. When she was coming to tell me this, she saw the puppy lying on the footpath lifelessly. She thought that may be she could give it to me as I always wanted to adopt a stray dog. I told her about my dream and gladly accepted the puppy. That night she helped me prepare my new script and learn it. On the day of debate I was anxious but felt elated after hearing the results. I bagged the first position and all the other teams saw me with their jaw touching the ground.

The whole credit actually goes to my friend. If she hadn’t informed me at the right time and helped me at night preparing, I wouldn’t be here standing on the first position……

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